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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Subject:Old Wrinkled Peppers as Lovers in Color
Time:10:20 am.
Well beyond the days of young and old, Pepper #3 now finds a companion close in both age and aesthetic appeal. Two old wrinkled lovers in color cling to one another, as each folds into the others’ natural bend they support one another and reveal their most elegant forms. As intimates they are more beautiful together then the sum of both apart. As rivals they are near perfect compliments.
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Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Subject:Hedonism and Meaning
Time:10:56 am.
syravon made an interesting observation about Peppers Young and Old in black and white early this morning.

It seems like it brings a certain kind of peace in your soul to take these pictures.

Existence and Hedonism X-posted here
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Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Subject:Peppers Young and Old in black and white
Time:11:50 am.
Pepper #3 now bears the marks of her age, which makes her only more beautiful. A younger pepper curls beside her experienced lover in this photo of Peppers Young and Old in black and white and a harmonious contrast enfolds. They are an expression of entropy and sensuality, of young and old cuddling together in mutual affection.
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Friday, October 26th, 2007

Subject:Reflecting on Self-Image
Time:12:44 am.
I don’t remember where I found this quote by Marianne Williamson, so I don’t remember the context from which it came, but when I read it now, in the context of self-image and compassion, I find her argument flawed. It’s no wonder, she bases her entire argument on the idea that we are children of God. While I agree, I don’t think her argument is related.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
Marianne Williamson

continue reading reflecting on self image...
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Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Subject:Back to Photography: Pepper #3 in black and white
Time:1:50 pm.
I haven't done much black and white photography for a few years now, but I did a quick little photo shoot with some peppers. Of all the sexy beauties who bared their smooth skin for me, here is my personal favorite. Isn’t she a sexy, dark skinned beauty?
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Saturday, January 6th, 2007

Subject:Too Busy to Self-Pleasure
Time:11:13 am.
X-posted on my erotic blog Erotophoria, so be aware, it's a bit saucy. ;)

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get in a full session of self-appreciation when family is around every bend? I'm not talking about quick masturbation, devoid of all the rich pleasures that foreplay enhances, that's easy enough to get in daily showers before anyone else is awake. I'm talking about languid episodes of slow waxing arousal, rich with vivid fantasies, gentle caresses, and throaty moans unconsciously coupled to the deepest orgasm sensations.

Under normal circumstances, I pride myself on my ability to experience earth shattering convulsions of pleasure multiple times a day with tantric infused masturbation techniques. It's easy with my careful conservation of youthful vigor through exercise and wholesome foods. But what good is the ability to give myself many powerful orgasms if I'm unable to do it!

Over the past few weeks I almost feel as though I've been in a constant state of torture! If I wasn't with so many loved ones, it might have been torture. With the constant buzzing about to and from various family members' houses during this past holiday season - if it wasn't my parents, then it was the grandparents', or the other grandparents', or the uncle's, or the aunt's (OI) - it's been difficult for this otherwise ravenous hippy to experience enough orgasms.

I won't even get into how hard it was not to flirt like crazy with all the young, beautiful women who regularly enter into my family members' lives under the auspices of being a "family friends."

Although, I have to admit, a bit of half-serious flirtation really does wonders to help make people feel welcome... did I say half? Maybe seven eighths would have been better. :-P

Anyway... now that I'm home my pretty little pecker and I have been quite the busy little pair. Seems my Fleshlight hasn't spent a dry moment yet. (Pst - I strongly suggest the pink lady with the wonder wave texture - she's a real treat. ;) ) Maybe I should share some of my masturbation techniques that I've discovered with my soft, squishy, insatiable little pink orgasm delight? :idea:

And now that my rant is over, I'd like to apologize for my absence lately, my lovelies. But me, believe me, I have been punished. If you don't feels so then you try going for weeks on end with an orgasm deficit! :-P

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of catching up to do. I've been neglecting my friends' erotic blogs too. Maybe to make amends for my lack of posting during the holiday season I should sift out the finest posts on my friends' blogs and present them for you... just in case you've been as busy as me lately. ;)

Pleasant erotic dreamings,

~Virgohippy Love, Virgohippy - Too Busty to Orgasm
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Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Subject:Aggressive & Erotic Asphyxiation
Time:10:24 am.
I actually wrote this last night, but hadn't gotten around to adding it to this space until recently. If you read Erotophoria, then you'll always be caught up... and there're more comments from sexy people over there too. ;)

I have a confession for you.

My neck is sore, and not from studying! Last night I got tied up and tossed around like a rag doll by a cute little Asian woman with very skillful hands. Over and again, I aimed blows at her face with my battle hardened fists, yet I couldn’t land one. She’d dodge my quick strikes, wrap herself around me, and drop me face first onto the floor. And, as if my attempts to break her body with the force of my own wasn’t enough, she’d encircle her arms around my neck, causing asphyxiation, like a python squeezing the life from its prey before a feast.

Don’t think I’m complaining. I enjoyed every moment. Even though I hurt now, it was worth it.

Its finals week for this California, college hippie, and during hectic times like these I relish in consensual, aggressive fun with people I trust. And pleasurable pain through practicing martial arts is my chosen way to release tensions.

I’m sure this is one more reason why my friends often describe me as a tad bit “unusual” but I enjoy the abuse. There’s a certain intimacy that develops between people who knowingly give and receive pain to one another in a way that’s both respectful and desired. We can tie each other up with our limbs, force each other into submissive postures, wail on muscle hardened flesh and otherwise do things to each other we couldn’t get away with on the streets - and all with the feeling that we’re helping one another.

I especially enjoy aggressive play with this sexy and petite Asian chick. When she wraps her arms around me, presses her petite breasts into my back and squeezes my neck between her arms until I’m forced into submission, I often get aroused. I can’t help it. It’s an exhilarating feeling to be in such a vulnerable position, yet still trust her with my life. Even though we’re fighting, and so I’m supposed to resist until I’ve been beaten, I enjoy getting lost in the moment by giving up complete control of my breath to this skillful young woman.

It’s not all fun though. I do have one problem with this often arousing relationship - this misleadingly small bodied woman, with iron hands and a vice-like grip, is an outspoken lesbian. And her often aggressive reactions to my flirtatious personality don’t help my awkward attraction. :-P

Even though she’s not a character in my recent, and just slightly exaggerated, little piece of auto-biographical eroticism, my lesbian bitch sex story, she is the reason I felt compelled to share. It was because of her forceful hands, which are skillfully adept at giving me pleasurable pain, that I was inspired by nostalgic feelings. ;)

While discussing my recent lesbian bitch sex story with Simon, owner of The XLog, an adult blog I like to frequent, I mentioned my appreciation for asphyxiation. The dark lord of fetish sex agreed that my not-so-innocent little kink is an especially flavorful one, and being the connoisseur of painful pleasures, he turned me onto an article about erotic asphyxiation.

If you didn’t catch the link before, and you’re considering breathe play, Click Here to read more about safer practices when performing erotic asphyxiation. This is not a request. Erotic asphyxiation should not be done without a few guidelines.

Also, if you wonder why I describe Simon as the Dark Lord of Fetish Sex, it’s because he always seems to know about every kind of kink you can find at places like The Fetish Club.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to rub a peppermint aroma, herbal balm into my neck before I scamper off to bed, perform another kind of relieving rub, and fantasize about an angry lesbian bitch.

Pleasant erotic dreamings,

~Virgohippy Love, Virgohippy - Aggressive & Erotic Asphyxiation

X-posted on my blog, Erotophoria
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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Subject:I'm a Bondage Freak
Time:1:36 pm.
You scored as Bondage Freak. Bondage Freaks can co-exist within a multitude of other subcultures. They're primarily about "the lifestyle" rather than the music, so you'll find Bondage Freaks onstage at goth clubs, dancing their PVC-clad hearts out at raves, and crying all the way to the bedroom as they pair-off at mope rock concerts.


Bondage Freak




Old School Punk


New School Punk


Elder Goth


Mope Rocker




Emo Kid


Synthpop Devoteé


Neo Goth


Which musical counterculture do you fit in with?
created with QuizFarm.com

Funny, I always knew I was kinky hippie who could bounce between different scenes, and who regularly enjoys cuffs, knots, and choke-holds, but I guess now it's official: I am a bondage hippy-freak!
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Sunday, December 10th, 2006

Subject:Auto-Mechanical Monkey Uprising
Time:3:50 pm.
What do I do when a superior race of auto-mechanical monkeys I've been training for months try to form an insurrection against my long term goals by wreaking havoc on my existing business? I quell them mercilessly by ripping their feeble minds into shreds and reassembling them as I see fit!

As a master crafter of logic, for three days straight I've functioned on only a hint of sleep, and social interaction, and fought this insolent little uprising. Though tempted by sex and drugs, I abstained and held firm to the cause at hand.

Now, as I, the victorious hero (or villain?), looming over my captives, bask in the glory of my own genius, the monkey rebellion has been destroyed. And in its place I have planted a more powerful race of subservient, auto-mechanical monkeys.

I am god of my auto-mechanical monkey kingdom and I tolerate no insubordination!

balech ...

Now that I've professed my ultimate loser-ish-ness, because only a loser would cut short a Friday & Saturday night with friends to teach machines how to do his bidding, I need a nap.
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Friday, December 8th, 2006

Subject:Recent Sex Story
Time:1:16 am.
Hello my lovelies,

I'm working on a sex story. I thought I'd share it with you. Though it may seem purely an erotic fantasy spurned on by imaginative desire it is inspired by a true story. ;)

Will you read it for me? It's still a bit rough.


She always wore a black leather jacket, tight pants, and a hard ass expression on her face that could make a seasoned war veteran cringe. She was one of those bull dyke lesbian chicks, complete with short cropped hair, a nose and brow piercing, a thin metal chain dangling about her wide goddess hips, and an attitude towards men that screamed, “Don’t even think about it, bitch.” She was completely hands off to anyone with a penis. But I didn’t care. I lusted after her something fierce, all the same.

I’d try to hide my unrelenting desire to ravish her naked body in plain site by flirting with her like I would everything that walked on two legs. Which basically meant I’d push things as far as I could get away with… then I’d push just a tiny bit more.

Don’t get me wrong, I always believed her when she said she was exclusive to pussy… I’d seen her kiss and grope other girls with a genuine passion too many times not to. She just didn’t seem to mind my outrageous and superficial advances.

“What are you doing?” she mocked, almost indicating a shock response as my dexterous hands quickly wrapped themselves around her plump breasts.

“Oh, don’t mind me. I seem to have lost my boobs, and I noticed yours look very familiar. They’re just so beautiful I had to make sure they weren’t mine.”

“Uh… I’m pretty fucking sure…”

“Shh… I’m concentrating,” I whispered, eyes closed, while my thumb and index fingers searched for her nipples – which became much easier when they decided to peak through her shirt, nice and erect.

“Oh, no… these aren’t mine. When your erect nipples come to attention they’re far more pretty then mine. Sorry for the mix up.” I smiled sweet, pulled my hands away, and patted her on the butt.

“Thank you?” she said, with one poignantly thin eye-brow raised.

“Any time,” I said, before I winked at her, and continued to talk about whatever non-sense was on my mind at the time.

They really were beautiful breasts. I can’t think of a more delicious pair of big juggies then the busty fun bags on my hardcore bull dyke. Especially when she wore low-cut white under-shirts, without a bra, that let her bosom practically fall out. Her’s were breasts worth fantasizing about – worthy of lazy afternoons filled with lotion covered hands and an active erotic imagination. But then, the forbidden fruit always does seem tastier then what’s in the picnic basket, eh?

According to a few male friends, I had a certain reputation that approached legendary status. It wasn’t every man who was allowed to squeeze the soft, plump breasts of a hardcore bitch dyke and live with his balls intact.

We understood each other, is all. Even though I knew she wasn’t the bitch she pretended to be, she had her reputation as an aggressive lesbo bitch, I had mine as an uncontainable and flirtatious slut, and we never so much as questioned each other about it. In fact, we were quite the odd pair when we traveled together in search of fun and sex, each seeking out a different kind of pussy… her, the edgy mistress of dark sexuality sniffing out lesbian pussy, and me, the flamboyantly playful pretty-boy, happy to lick just about anything.

Finish my recent sex story at Erotophoria

I used to write a lot of sex stories. Should I pick up the habit again?

Pleasant erotic dreamings my lovelies,

~Virgohippy Love, Virgohippy - Lesbian Bitch Sex Story!
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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Subject:Brilliance with MS Paint
Time:10:01 am.
Mood:Awed =O.
Maybe I'm a sucker for silly stuff, but this person's a MS Paint GOD.

It's a time elapsed video of a graphic rendered completely in MS Paint.

Watching this makes me feel... worthless.
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Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Subject:I'm Back & Celebrate Global Orgasm Day!
Time:11:17 am.
Hi my lovelies,

Sorry I've been gone for so long. I've been sucked into the world of being a business hippie. =P

It's no excuse for dissappearing, I know, but I have something to share with all of you, if you're still willing to hear me. Hopefully it will make up for my long period of silence.

I remebered my days filled with intimate posts, and revelations with all of you. Even though I'm making money now, I want those days of intimacy back. So, with my newly found skills as a web guru, I put together a personal space that will reveal my erotic imagination. I'm calling it Erotophoria, and if any of you would like to participate I would love to have you.

I hope to turn it into a blend of my business world and my social world, where my professional contacts and my personal friends will be able to share the one me, and I won't be tempted to divide my attentions.

Btw, I promised someone that I'd post pics of the Virgohippy forest, so if the idea of seeing morsels of my masculiine flesh, captured in photo erotica by my own hands, interests you... just be aware, they're cumming. I'm sure you can remember how skilled I am with a camera... and if you think I was a tease before, you haven't seen anything yet. ;)

Here's a small taste of what I've been doing in my adventures as a business hippie:

Celebrate Global Orgasm Day!

What better way to promote peace then with the ultimate in good vibrations? The Global Day of Orgasm is on December 22. Will you celebrate? I know I will - multiple times. ;)

I couldn't help but giggle in delight when I first heard the news about this new sex movement it was so profoundly aligned with my own personal interests. A few weeks ago I was listening to my favorite public radio station, probably working with some arousing erotica images, when I heard about a bunch of peace-nicks organizing a global outreach unlike anything I'd ever heard before - a rally of a truly unique nature, harkening back to, and seamlessly blending Lennon's week in bed with Yoko with a more recent movement in social sexual activism in which a group of women revealed their naked bodies, laid down on a sandy beach and spelled out the word "Peace."

The idea behind this soon to be sexual revolution is simple: rather then gather together and form a group-self-ass-making-session at some noisy and potentially destructive rally these brilliant folks want to remind us that peace must come from the heart. And to strengthen those tranquil feelings, necessary in oneself to bring about significant change, we should all resonate together in one massive, orgasmic sensation.

I love the idea, personally. I can't think of a better way to superficially solve all the world's problems then to participate in the largest orgy ever imagined. I can't wait to help strengthen my own resolve to keep peace then with positive reinforcement, and experience waves of pleasure right beside each and every person on this single planet, the same planet that we all share.

Confession time: I can't claim to be original in sharing this information with all you lovelies. In my daily obligations as a business hippie I almost forgot about this soon to be favorite holiday of mine. I've been neglecting my outreaching skills, and for that I apologize. If any of you are already readers of Simon's often informative blog, The XLog, then you should already know about this epic event. Thanks for the reminder Simon - you saved this hippy's soul from despair. :)

I already know how I'm going to celebrate, although I'm still not sure exactly who I'm going to invite to this intimate little festivity I'm planning. I'm certainly glad I have such a noteworthy reason to apply my most cherished skills. ;)

My only question is this: if I give and recieve many, many orgasms on the Global Orgasm Day, will that make me a better peace activist?

Much love to all of you,

And blessings on your many orgasms,

~Virgohippy Love, Virgohippy - Celebrate Global Orgasm Day!

X-Posted on my new erotic blog: Erotophoria
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Sunday, July 9th, 2006

Subject:New Photoblog Feature
Time:3:25 am.
I added a nifty new area to my photoblog.

This new section is focused much more on the photography, and much less on the writing. I plan to seperate my journal entry blog from my photo blog. This should not only give me the freedom to post random thoughts and new photos independent of one another but also attract the more visual types.

If anyone's curious, the new section has a guestbook for general comments.

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Saturday, July 8th, 2006

Subject:Veteran for Peace Arrested
Time:7:31 pm.

What happens when a veteran is open about his beliefs in peace?

In this great and noble country, where freedom of expression and democracy are so highly valued that our Presidency has decreed it be our greatest export, a war veteran gets arrested for wearing a "Veterans for Peace" t-shirt in a Veteran's hospital.

Has this country gone insane?

"And just for the record? I'm not paying the fine. I'll see Adkins and Ousley and Dubya's Director of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, if he wants to show up, in United States District Court on the appointed date. And if there's a Chicago area attorney who'd like to take the case, I'd really like to sue them -- from Dubya on down. I have to believe that this whole country has not yet gone insane, just the government. This kind of behavior can't be tolerated. It must be challenged."

Cross posted in Virgohippy's personal site

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Friday, July 7th, 2006

Subject:Session of Down
Time:4:01 pm.

It's a Dessert Sessions 9 & 10 time. (Good music; I suggest you check it out)

I'm not nearly as deep dark depressed as I've been in the past; I can't travel at a racing pace all the time.

Months of high energy, high activity. I have much to show for myself.

Time to resume my training.

x posted at virgohippy dot com

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Time:12:31 pm.

I helped Yes ICAN at a promotional event the whole day yesterday. It was very tiring, though deeply satisfying.

I interfaced with the public to give information about the organization's goal to prevent child abuse . A few people were so enamored by what we do after brief conversations they gave me money. I offered various baubles as a thank you gift, but they refused.

As a front man, I was also privy to a few of what I like to call "f16" stories:

  • One man revealed that the secret to preventing child abuse is to, "take a bunch of F16's and bomb the communists."
  • Another woman told me, "all them need to be hanged."
  • A third man said to, "kill all the Muslims."
  • A fourth gentleman responded to a poster which we hung up that read "Abused Children Sometimes Grow Up To Be Famous" with pictures of various, notorious, murderers: "His name isn't Hitler, it's Shitler."

In each case I was quick to point out that Yes ICAN abdicates non-violence and works to prevent child abuse , though each felt it necessary to explain how the use of force can be effective.

Later that evening I did conferr with a collegue, and we both agreed that all the worlds problems could have been solved, if only the world would listen to these very angry people. It's too bad that I'm such a bleeding heart liberal; because of my lack of emotional fortitude I'll never kill a deer with a gun, nor will I ever make a difference in this world.

In case these words are translated, please know that my sentiments in my last paragraph are not serious; I tried to be humerous.

Cross Posted in Virgohippy's personal photoblog & journal site.

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Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Time:11:28 am.
Silly Rate My Life QuizCollapse )

Do I need to work on my love life?

If anything, I think my standards are too high.
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Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Subject:Photo: Fire Spinner
Time:7:49 pm.
Fire Dancer at Night

This photograph of a fire spinner is an old photo, but one of my favorites. I wrote a brief bit of recollections of the experience in my personal photo blog, though, for this piece, I'm sure no words are necessary.

Interestingly enough, the question of prints for sale arises often with this photo.

I enjoy the revision process. For me, photography as an art form means reinterpretation. Any who've seen this print before can probably see the not quite subtle differences. In my time away from this place I've been busy. I suppose the changes here are proof.
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Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Time:1:59 am.
Forest in the Sea

"Down below seams of wooden planks I found a forest in the sea. Winds of water carried slippery leaves, while salted moisture sustained mysterious life."

Read the rest of Virghippy's photo blog entry.

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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Time:1:14 pm.

I wrote an accompanying entry in response to the response I garnered from adults while wearing these stars. I attempted to be both sarcastic and funny... I don't know if it worked:

Virgohippy's sarcastic humor... does he have any?
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